OR TOBY both are fine
he they

PUT TW ON nothing, don't vent to me unless close
k, l, n (the silly gc), m, b, k, r, l,

''Why did you call me? I can't save you'' ''Can I stay on the phone with you at least?'' ''Okay''


sometimes use tone tags because im dumb as fuck, im a schlatt fan, i make a lot of sex jokes and im very immature

...DNI !

basic dni criteria, toxic schlatt antis, obsessed dnf fans, dream supporters/defenders


evo smp, pirates smp, life series, smp live, earth smp, yandere high school, hermitcraft, yfl smp, chuckle sandwich, sleep deprived, omori, slime rancher, league of legends, csgo, persona 5, resident evil, south park, homestuck, bojack horseman, steven universe, bungou stray dogs. jojo, the promised neverland, total drama, breaking bad, history, hamilton, the office, fnaf, papers please, bendy and the ink machine,jschlatt, ted nivison, slimecicle, wilbur soot, jack manifold, grian, eleven, youngmulti, disowskyy, weza, chucken, connoreatspants, mitski, korn + more. I know a lot of media so most likely I know your favourite media:P